Village Office Information

Welcome to the Village Office!


2017 2nd Cat dog event

2017 2nd Dog and Cat Event

Village Office Business Hours:

Monday thru Friday

8:00 am to 12:00 pm
1:00 pm to 4:30pm  

Village Office Location:

113 West E Street
P.O. Box 62
Elmwood, NE 68349

Village Office Contact Information:

Phone: (402)994-6705
Fax: (402)994-6705




Village Clerk/Treasurer
Connie Carlton

Connie Carlson

Connie is responsible for keeping the paperwork for the Village in order which is no small job!  She also is responsible for keeping track of the money and assisting with the budget.  She organizes the information needed for each Board meeting and makes sure all the public notices are posted.  Connie is our Go-To person when we need something researched for the Village.  She did an awesome job recently looking up the rules and regulations pertaining to the implementation of the new housing development in town.  Connie tracks of all billing for water and services.  In an effort to make it easier for all of us to pay our water bills in a timely manner she just implemented the Online Bill Pay for water bills! If you ever have any questions about Village business she is the person to ask!


Village Maintenance Superintendent 
Ed Blunt

Ed Blunt

You will see Ed around town taking care of business, keeping the water clean and the town in order.  The Village Maintenance Superintendent is responsible for water and sewer maintenance, street snow removal, mowing Village properties, and many, many other responsibilities too numerous to name that would probably amaze us that he can get it all done so efficiently. Plus he serves on the local Rescue Squad! 


Village Office Mascot

Belle framed

Belle keeps everyone on their toes...mostly so they don't step on her!  She loves to greet people when they come in.  Don't try to pick her up though, she likes her feet squarely on the ground but she does love to be petted.


Elmwood Newsletter Editor 
 Dawn Romine

Dawn and dog final

Dawn is not only a boxer lover but is also the editor of the local online newsletter that supplies all kinds of wonderful information to subscribers.  You can find event schedules, news, links to other newsletters, and tidbits of information that make your day better.  Become a subscriber easily to the newsletter by clicking on the tab at the top of this page called What's New.  Or just click here and it will take you right to it!   Dawn is always looking for news stories, too! 



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