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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

June 15, 2016


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session with Trustees Allgayer, Anderson, Wray, and Krass present with Chairperson Wilhelm presiding. The meeting was called to order at 6:58 p.m. Chairperson Wilhelm declared the “Open Meeting Act” posted. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. Visitors present included Ryan Anderson, Jack Hovick, Sharon Rorie, Evan Wickersham, Jim Stephen, Terry Bevans, Jean Reinke, Terry Carlton, Jason Brion, Leah Brion, and Eric Beierman.


Motion by Wray to approve the minutes of the June 1, 2016 CDA meeting as presented; second by Allgayer. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion carried.


Motion by Allgayer to approve the minutes of the June 1, 2016 Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees meeting as presented; second by Krass. Vote: Yes: All, No. None. Motion carried.


REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Streets: No Report. Park: No Screenings. Library: Motion by Wray with second by Krass to approve the library claims submitted for payment. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion carried. Sewer: A 24-hour composite test completed. Planning/Zoning: Next meeting June 30th at 6:30 pm at City Hall.


Unfinished Business: Drainage issues within the new housing subdivision were addressed by Ryan Anderson. The developer will fix drainage problems within the development and offers to help with other issues. Terry Bevans requests that his statement be in the minutes: Ryan Anderson states that he can’t add any more water flow to her property; as it is a state statute.

Nuisance issues were addressed re: enforcement, complaints, etc. SENDD will be contacted for continuing with Nuisance Abatement Program for Section 2 of the Village. Meeting agenda request forms and complaint forms are available at elmwoodnebraska.com or at the village office.


New Business: JEO Consulting Group and Olsson Associates submitted proposals for engineering of street development. Cost sharing with the NRD on the drainage project will be submitted. Fence permit @ 112 East C Street for Jason Brion – Section 7.11.01-03 Approved safety issue taken into consideration. Motion by Wray to approve the fence permit; second by Krass. Motion approved. Ethan Hohman tapered the homeowners’ driveway to make it so the culvert was not needed. The homeowner was told that a building permit was needed for the concrete work done on his driveway. Jason Brion will comply and pay fees. Jim Stephens of 221 North 6th St informed the board of a drainage issue with water running across the street and down his driveway into his garage and basement. Ditch on opposite side of the street has silted in; grading should be done to allow water to flow under the driveway across the street. The Board will look into the matter and seek estimates for grading. The subject of Emerald Ash Borers needs to be addressed as there are several ash trees in the village. Eugenia Bornemeier would like the tree in front of her house to be treated. This is a repetitive process and should only be done when the borers are within 15 miles of the village. The Arbor Day Foundation and NE Game & Parks Dept will be contacted for further information.


Page 2 – June 15, 2016 Board Meeting


Presentation of Claims for Payment: Black Hills Energy $123.43 (May-June Natural Gas); Clements & Drevo $494.50 (Attorney Fees); Columbus Telegram $59.10 (Apr-May Publication Expense); Hein Construction $5,000.00 (Street Crack Filling); Meeske Ace Hardware $57.11 (Misc Supplies); Menards $11.96 (PineSol Solution x 2); Midwest Farmers Coop $193.48 (May Fuel Expense); Midwest Labs $439.98 (Lab Testing Supplies); NE Dept of Environmental Quality $150.00 (WW Operator License Renewal); June 15th Payroll $2,397.06; Quill Corp $221.53 (Office/Cleaning Supplies); US Treasury $2,011.74 (Federal Payroll Deposit); Verizon $67.93 (May-June Cell Phone). Motion by Wray to approve the claims as presented; second by Allgayer. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.


Personnel: Motion by Anderson to offer Tristen Baker $9/hour for the position of Summer Help; second by Allgayer. Motion carried.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.




_________________________________             ____________________________________

Connie Carlton, Clerk/Treasurer                           Curt Wilhelm, Chairperson

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