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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

June 17, 2015


The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in Regular Session with Trustees Allgayer, Krass, Anderson, Wray and Chairperson Wilhelm presiding. The meeting was called to order at 6:59 p.m. Chairperson Wilhelm declared the “Open Meeting Act” posted. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”. Visitors present were Todd and Amanda Stevens, Tony Graff, and Eugenia Bornemeier. Minutes by Anderson due to Clerk absence.


Motion by Allgayer to approve the minutes of the June 3, 2015 Regular Board Meeting as presented; second by Wray. Vote: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.



Todd and Amanda Stevens applied and received their first kennel permit in August 2014. Amanda noted that two of the dogs are full-time at their house, but the third is off site 90% of the time. The fence will be moved to allow use of the back door from outside the fence and allow access to the water meter. Motion by Wray to approve the kennel permit; second by Anderson. Vote: Yes: Wilhelm, Wray, Anderson, Krass; No: Allgayer. Motion Approved.


REPORTS OF BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES: Street: No Report. Park: Wray has a donation of a 5 hole Disc Golf set. Anderson noted that possibly 3 can be used in the park. This will be coordinated and each set in concrete. Library: Library minutes and Librarian report reviewed. Water: Testing within normal limits. Sewer: Report came back that UV lights that used to be 150 were now 52 (intensity). Everything tested appropriately. With the large amount of rainwater there is a lot more water coming into the sewer plant with one morning showing 300 gallons a minute. Wilhelm asked Blunt if we can smoke test this summer. Blunt said the time to do it is when the ground is soaked with water so he would call and see if they can come and do it. A letter will be sent out informing residents of the process. Planning/Zoning: No report. Special Events: Harvest Moon is scheduled for Sept. 18th.


To Do List: The siren is not turning when the horn is blowing. The bands get tight and blow a fuse. Blunt said he talked to Jim Bumgaard who will get someone down to adjust the bands and probably replace the fuse. Blunt will get a quote on what it will cost to maintain the siren yearly so it can be added to the budget. The siren also needs new batteries. Painting and Repairs to the Village Office building. Blunt asked if he could order the lumber and siding to make the necessary repairs in preparation for painting. He estimated $200 and would order from Murray Lumber because they deliver. Motion by Allgayer to order the supplies not to exceed $300. Second by Anderson. Vote: Yes: Wilhelm, Wray, Anderson, Krass, Allgayer. No: None. Motion approved. The basketball court at the park. Allgayer had the screws and the concrete drill to secure the court. Anderson will talk to Dave Spohr about getting the fill dirt and also will organize a crew to get the screws installed on the east side of the court to anchor it. Caulking of cracks at plant: Allgayer will call and see if it can be done soon. Regarding town safety inspection: Allgayer suggested they establish a date in the fall for the safety inspection to be done every year. Wilhelm suggested September 1st every year. Blunt and Allgayer agreed. There is a small leak that will be fixed at the sewer plant.


Page 2: June 17th Board Meeting Minutes


Unfinished Business: None.


New Business: Motion by Allgayer to transfer loan funds of $4,890 from the Economic Development Fund to the Park Fund to pay for security cameras; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.


Allgayer suggests the insurance on the water tower is a little light. He suggests backing off the coverage of some of the sewer plant insurance and increasing the water tower insurance. This will be discussed with Clements Insurance Agency.


SENDD Update: Wray contacted SENND personnel Judy Meyer regarding update of mainstreet.   Meyer suggested enhancing main street with old looking light poles like in Havelock. She praised the storefronts for their unique painting, with the possibility of redoing the sidewalks to make them narrower and the parking stalls deeper. Grant funding not available to Elmwood because of high median household income, but loans are available for these projects.


The hiring of a TIF attorney is needed to get the housing development process moving. A meeting of the CDA Committee with all interested parties invited is needed to get the project started.  


Presentation of Claims for Payment: Black Hills Energy $94.10; Columbus Telegram $221.68 (publications); D.R. Ortlieb Trucking $726.59 (rock); Meeske Ace Hardware $28.79 (supplies); Meeske Ace Hardware $243.38 (supplies); Midwest Farmers Cooperative $121.86 (fuel); Midwest Laboratories, Inc. $360.25 (lab testing supplies); Nebraska Department of Revenue $1,225.53 (May Sales/Use Tax); Payroll $2,552.03; Verizon $68.53. Motion by Wray to approve the claims as presented for payment; second by Anderson. RCV: Yes: All, No: None. Motion approved.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.





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Connie Carlton, Clerk/Treasurer (absent)               Curt Wilhelm-Chairperson

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