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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting – July 18, 2012

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Wilhelm, Allgayer, Ronhovde and Chairman Ernst presiding.  Absent: Clements. Call to order: 7:04 p.m.  All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”.  Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.  Ed Blunt,  Nicole Folden, Pat Wray, Jim Nelson, Eugenia Bornemeier and Lois Bornemeier were also in attendance.  Shannon Jossoff entered the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes from the meeting on June 20, 2012 were presented.  Allgayer motioned to approve the minutes revising “Clymer” to “Clements” in the opening of the Minutes, 2nd by Ronhovde. RCV: Aye: Allgayer, Wilhelm,  Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay:  None. Absent:  Clements. Motion passed to approve the June 20, 2012 meeting Minutes, revised.

Streets:  Blunt reported he trimmed the trees located at 117 North 6th Street.

Park: No Action Taken.

Library:  Acknowledgement of July 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes.

Water:  Blunt reported water is almost back on line.  Blunt anticipates Monday, July 23, 2012 will be the date to post notices of drinking water back to normal.

Comp & Zoning:  No Action Taken.

Planning Committee: Acknowledgement of receipt of June 27, 2012 Meeting Minutes.

Community Development:  No Action Taken. 

Presentation of the Claims:  Payroll (7/4/12 and 7/18/12):  $5,476.76

Claim #1  Federal Withholding:  $1,137.09, Midwest Farmers Co-op $280.60, Meeske Ace Hardware $208.07, OPPD $4,356.41, Nebraska Dept. Revenue $1,643.21, Bruns Masonry $1,175.00, Midwest Laboratories, Inc. $131.51, NMPP Energy $65.90, Windstream $130.04, Todd Valley Plumbing $3,360.26, American Exchange Bank $5,000.00.  Claim #2 Cass County Dept of Roads  $196.86, Great Plains One-Call Service $12.95, Municipal Supply $36.96, Cass County Refuse $62.00, Elmwood Equipment  $30.80, Capital City Refuse  $625.91, Nebraska Public Health Environmental Laboratory  $10.00, Rice Automotive $35.00, Columbus Telegram  $66.90, United Rentals $1,659.14.  Motioned by Allgayer to approve payroll, Claims #1 and Claims #2, 2nd by Ronhovde  RCV:  Aye:  Allgayer, Wilhelm,  Ronhovde and Ernst.  Nay:  None  Absent:  Clements.

Unfinished Business: 

Audit:  Ernst reported auditors have not completed the 2011 audit.  The auditors indicated they wanted to continue review and calculations and should have the audit ready by August 15, 2012.

Liquor License Discussion:  Folden reported the Liquor Commission indicated they were going to present the letter sent by the Board regarding the legalities of the Class ID Liquor License at their 7/19 or 7/20 meeting and at that meeting they would determine if they would respond in writing or set the issue for hearing.

Noon whistle:  Returning the noon whistle was discussed.  The Board will review the legalities of the placement and the height of the siren in order to move toward a determination of returning the noon whistle.  Allgayer motioned to put the issue regarding whether or not to return the noon whistle on the general election ballot once the legalities were determined. 2nd by Wilhelm.  Aye:  All  Nay:  None   Absent:  Clements

New Business:  Allgayer reported he would like to get rid of the current recycle bin and replace it with recycle bins provided by Cass County Refuse.  Allgayer indicated that the current cost of the bins would be $15.00 per month, which would be less than what the current cost is to transport the bin each month.  Motion by Ronhovde to approve Cass County Refuse to provide the recycle bins and service at a rate of $15.00 per month or less, 2nd by Allgayer  Aye:  All  Nay:  None  Absent:  Clements.

Blunt reported his WWTF operator’s license is up for renewal.  Renewal of the license requires 20 continuing education hours.  Blunt has obtained 33.75 hours and exceeds the requirements for license renewal.

Motion by Ronhovde to have Christensen drop 2 trees for Ginger Hoyt at 304 West F Street for $75.00.  2nd by Allgayer.  RCV:  Aye:  Allgayer,  Wilhelm, Ronhovde, Ernst.  Absent:  Clements.

Building Permits: Building permit application was presented for a garage at 304 East F Street.  Motion by Allgayer to approve the garage building permit application for 304 East F Street, 2nd by Ronhovde, Aye:  All Nay:  None  Absent:  Clements.

Personnel Issues:  Blunt requested executive session.  Ernst called executive session at 9:50 p.m.   Motion by Allgayer to end executive session at 10:20 p.m., 2nd by Ronhovde.  Aye:  All  Nay:  None  Absent:  Clements.

Correspondence:  No Action Taken.

There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ____________________________                                                              ________________________                                                        ________________________

  Nicole Moreau Folden, Clerk                                                                    David Ernst, Chairman


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