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Board of Trustees Regular Meeting – June 20, 2012

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Wilhelm, Allgayer, Clements, Ronhovde and Chairman Ernst presiding. Call to order: 7:07 p.m.  All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”.  Ronhovde.  Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.  Ed Blunt and Nicole Folden were also in attendance.

Minutes from the meeting on June 6, 2012 were presented.  Allgayer motioned to approve the minutes as presented, 2nd by Wilhelm. RCV: Aye: Allgayer, Wilhelm, Clements, Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay:  None.   

Streets:  Blunt reported that he will need to order a load of rock for the treatment plant.

Park: Ronhovde reported concern with the tree stump from the tree that was cut down last year.  Blunt stated Tordon should take care of the problem.  Ronhovde reported thistles growing through the woodchips at the park. 

Library:  Minutes from the May 7, 2012 meeting  were presented. 

Water:  Blunt reported that there has been progress with the water tower maintenance.  The tower has been drained and the Village is now on well to main water and no tower back up.   

Comp & Zoning:  No Action Taken.

Planning Committee: No Action Taken.

Community Development:  No Action Taken. 

Presentation of the Claims:

Payroll $2,217.47, Clements Insurance $71.00, Midwest Laboratory $268.79, Municipal Supply  $144.81, Verizon Wireless $48.50, Bruns Masonry  $200.00, Black Hills Energy  $47.36.  Motion by Wilhelm to approve claims as presented, 2nd by Ronhovde.  RCV: Aye: Allgayer, Wilhelm, Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay: None  Abstained: Clements Motion approved to pay claims.

Unfinished Business:  Discussion regarding abandoned and unsafe houses and regarding sending letters out to the property owners - violation of §150.35, unsafe buildings.

New Business:  Estimate was presented from Layne Christensen Company for water plant repairs in the amount of $180.80 for material cost and $110.00 per hour for labor (estimate of 5 hours). Motion by Clements to approve the estimate and the work to be completed by Layne Christensen Company for the water plant repairs, 2nd by Ronhovde.  RCV: Aye : All  Nay:  None.  Motion approved.

Building Permits: No Action Taken   

Personnel Issues:  No Action Taken.

Correspondence:  No Action Taken.

There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ____________________________                                                              ________________________

  Nicole Moreau Folden, Clerk                                                                    David Ernst, Chairman

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