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April 18, 2012

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Ronhovde, Clements, Wilhelm, and Chairman Ernst presiding. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting”.

Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.  Shannon Josoff, Jim Nelson, Josiah Philson, David Philson, Micah Philson, Rick Kuenning, Derrick Kuenning, Ed Blunt and Nicole Folden were also in attendance.  Allgayer entered the meeting at 7:20p.m.

Minutes from the meetings on March 28, 2012, April 2, 2012, April 3, 2012 and April 4, 2012 were presented.  Motioned by Clements, 2nd by Ronhovde to approve the minutes as presented.  Aye: Ernst, Clements, Ronhovde, Wilhelm. Nay:  None.  Absent: Allgayer. 


Streets:  Blunt reported the work to the drainage pipe to improve drainage at 3rd and F Streets has been completed.

Park:  Discussion of spraying for weeds and adding new woodchips to the park playground area.  Blunt will obtain quotes on woodchips and plan to have the playground sprayed for weeds and new woodchips placed within the next couple of weeks.

Library:  No action taken.

Water:  Blunt reported the alarm has been placed on the water plant with three contact phone numbers.  Blunt also reported the water leak at the coop has been repaired and the water meters with issues have been taken care of.  No further action taken.

Sewer: Blunt reported next week Tinius will camera 2 locations.

Comp & Zoning:  No Action Taken.

Planning Committee:   No Action Taken.

Special Events:  Knights Kingdom Committee received a grant that will be made available around the end of July.  There was a question whether or not the Village committed to a match up to $7,500.00 of the grant.  Previous Minutes will be reviewed and a determination will be made.  

Presentation of the Claims:

Payroll - March 26, 2012-April 6, 2012  $1,260.00, Health Insurance  $150.00,  Nebraska Rural Water Assoc. $150.00, Midwest Farms Co-op $661.37, Great Plains One-Call Service, Inc. $9.09, Ak-SAR-BEN Pipe and Sewer Cleaning $780.00, Southeast Area Clerks Association  $10.00, American Exchange Bank Street Note  $5,000.00, Black Hills Energy  $41.07, Todd Valley Plumbing & Heating  $981.71, Elmwood Equipment  $69.86, Randy Bornemeier – sludge hauled  $1,400.00, Midwest Laboratories, Inc. $11.23, John Henry’s Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning  $481.76, Nebraska Public Health Environmental Laboratory  $10.00, Nebraska Department of Revenue $4,776.62, Nebraska Department of Revenue $325.87, U.S. Dept of Treasury $1,738.78.  Motioned by Clements, 2nd by Wilhelm to approve the claims for payment as presented.  Aye: Ernst, Clements, Wilhelm, Ronhovde and Allgayer. Nay:  None.  Clements abstained. 

Unfinished Business:   Discussion regarding James and Sherrall Phillips’ Application for Building Permit for driveway. Blunt inquired as to how county assesses for taxes with no permit.  Motion by Clements to table Application for Building Permit pending inquiry with County Assessor, 2nd by Ronhovde to table the Application for Building Permit.  Aye: All. Nay:  None. 

New Business:  Discussion regarding liquor license renewals.  No action taken.  Discussion regarding property/equipment insurance value review.  No action taken.  Resolution presented to Set Occupation Tax. No action taken.

Building Permits:  Discussion regarding inquiry from Don Skalak if he and Carol VanAckern need building permits to put up carports.  Don Skalak will be notified that a building permit is required.

Discussion regarding phone call received from zoning office that masonic house will be turned into apartments.  Correspondence will be sent to owner regarding intentions.

Personnel Issues:  Discussion regarding Blunt vacation. No further action taken.

Correspondence:  Discussion regarding letter received from State Auditor.  No action taken.  Discussion regarding correspondence received from Carrie Nunez regarding weeds and woodchips at the playground at the park. Blunt will obtain quotes on woodchips and plan to have the playground sprayed for weeds and new woodchips placed within the next couple of weeks.  Discussion regarding request from Windstream to place buried communications facilities. Motion by Clements to approve request by Windstream, 2nd by Ronhovde.  Aye: Ernst, and Wilhelm.  Nay:  None.  Absent:  Allgayer.

There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ___________________                                                                              ___________________

Nicole Moreau-Folden                                                                                David Ernst

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