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August 4, 2011

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Ronhovde, Clymer, Allgayer, and Chairman Ernst. Blunt was absent. All signed the “Notice of Acknowledgment of Meeting.” Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meetings Act Posted. Erin Clymer, Casey Clements, and George Fields were in attendance.

Minutes from the meeting on July 21, 2011 were presented. Motioned by Allgayer, 2nd by Ronhovde to approve the minutes as presented. Aye: All. Nay: None Absent: Blunt.


Park: Erin Clymer & Casey Clements stated that now that the park is being upgraded the Market to Market race will be using the Elmwood Park Trailhead as a relay stop. The Market to Market Committee will be providing the Knights Kingdom Committee $400 to staff and provide refreshments for participants. Both committees expect around 500-1,000 supporters to be in attendance. The Knights Committee presented two resolutions for the board to consider for grant application requirements. Resolution 0804-2011A 50/50 match grant was motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to accept the resolution as amended. Chairman Ernst will sign amended resolution after changes are made RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None, Absent: None. Resolution 0804-2011B 80/20 grant match was motioned by Blunt, 2nd by Ronhovde to accept the resolution as amended . RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: None

Streets: Bruns Masonry finished concrete work on 4th and G Street, E St & 1st, 4th & D, and sidewalk on E Street. $1300.

Library: No action taken

Water: No action taken

Sewer: Discussion regarding the sludge pump was wired backwards, but is working fine now. Sewer oil leaks, building structural cracks need to be fixed under warranty. This has been addressed with JEO. Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to have Lee’s Welding to build and weld a 4’ extension on the load out pipe for $575.00 RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None, Absent: None

Comp & Zoning: No action taken

Planning: No action taken

Community Development: No action taken

To Do List: Remove chalking the basketball court and tennis court.

Presentation of Claims: 8/1/11 Payroll: $1,785.99, Elmwood Public Library: $1,350.91, OPPD: $3,908.91, Black Hills: $109.62, NE Dept. of Revenue: $1,036.94, Bruns Masonry: $1,338.00, American Exchange Bank: $5,000.00, Municipal Supply: $156.01, CCR: $62.00, Windstream: $144.28, USA BlueBook: $285.55. Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Blunt to approve the payment of claims as read.

Unfinished Business:

Introduction of Ordinance 256 to vacate the alley in Block Six and the portion of West Street which lies between Block 1 and Block 6. Such properties were previously vacated by Ordinance of the Village around August, 1956, but such Ordinances were never recorded with the Register of Deeds. Motioned by Allgayer, 2nd by Ronhovde to pass Ordinance 256. Aye: All, Nay: None, Absent: None.

Introduction of Ordinance 257 . Request was postponed until rewording the ordinance to follow state statutes.

Maintenance Position will be discussed in executive session.

New Business: Will discuss budget at next meeting

Personnel Issues: Old village lawn mower was purchased by Blunt several weeks after trade in and dealer could not sell. Village will place ad for year round “On Call” maintenance position. Discussion regarding the September arrival of the civil defense siren. Siren will have battery back-up system and can be activated from fire hall or Plattsmouth.

Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to enter into executive session at 9:52 to review resumes for village maintenance position. Blunt recused himself from session. Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to exit executive session at 10:32pm. Motion by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to conduct further interviews.

There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned.

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