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April 21, 2011

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Ronhovde, Blunt, Clymer and Chairman Ernst presiding. Allgayer was absent. All signed the "Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting".
Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meeting Act Posted. Pat Wray, Karen Fleischman, Deb and Coleman Lenz, Ben Kastens, Dan Hatfield, Margaret Smith-Hand, Roger Bornemeier, Ryan Anderson and Becky vonRentzell were also in attendance.
Minutes from the meeting on 4/7/11 were presented. Chairman Ernst declared the minutes approved as presented.
Streets: Clymer cleaned the gutter on 4th and G Streets and volunteered to contact the NE Dept of Roads regarding the state right away. A letter was received from Elmwood-Murdock elementary school to inform the trustees that the school has approved the paving of the alley to the east of the school. Pat Wray requested the Village to consider paying half of a new culvert for her driveway. Wray reported the street in front of her drive is slanted and when it rains the water washes away the rocks in her driveway. No further action taken.
Park: Ronhovde reported the E-M elementary student council picked up sticks at the park and the park needs to be mowed before the Easter Egg Hunt for safety issues. Ronhovde also reported some dirt on the NE side of the parking lot needs to be moved.
Library: March and April minutes were available for inspection. No Action Taken.
Water: Bob West presented a list of items that needed to be repaired or replaced. The tower was inspected and repaired. The raw nitrate level was at 6.0 mg/l while the tower was off line.
Sewer: Blunt reported he contacted Tan-Aire in regards to a sewer back up. Blunt also requested the approval of spending money for repairs and purchases. He would like to have a cart built to store and transport the UV lights; Quality Fabrication estimated to make the cart for $1,100. Blunt also requested purchasing two new water vests for safety purposes. Blunt requested permission to hire Todd Valley to dig out a main for $900.00. Ronhovde motioned to approve the UV cart, water vests and to hire Todd Valley. Jeff 2nd the motion. RCV: Aye: Blunt, Clymer, Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer.
Comp & Zoning: Motioned by Blunt, 2nd by Ronhovde to approve Robert and Karen Fleischman to sell their property as a subdivision. Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer.
Planning Committee: No Action Taken.
Community Development: No Action Taken.
Elmwood's 125th Birthday Celebration Committee: No Action Taken.
Presentation of the Claims:
Payroll for March 30, 2011 $1,229.65
Federal Withholding $1,778.29
Great Plains $2.02
Elmwood Public Library $1,350.91
NE Rural Water Assoc. $112.64
Ed Blunt $80.00
Municipal Supply, Inc $444.98
Quill Corporation $515.48
Midwest Laboratory $68.46
Hawkins Water Treatment $2,631.72
U.S.A. BlueBook $189.31
Verizon $111.66
NE Public Health Env. Lab $301.00
Grace Ronhovde $70.00
David Ernst $70.00
Jeff Clymer $60.00
Christianson Enterprises $495.00
Lou Allgayer $80.00
Brooke Campbell $7.45
Bob West $500.00
Trustees questioned an invoice for a shut off end in the amount of $94.00 from Hawkins, more information was requested before approving the invoice. Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Blunt to approve and instructed the Treasurer to pay the claims except for Hawkins Water Treatment. RCV: Aye: Bunt, Clymer, Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer.

Unfinished Business: Discussion of hiring summer help. Blunt excused himself from the meeting at 9:00 p.m. Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Allgayer to by Ronhovde, 2nd by Clymer to hire Clint Bornemeier as permanent summer help starting 5/1/11, and to hire Jacob Blunt until 5/1/11 as temporary help. RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: Blunt and Allgayer. Blunt entered the meeting at 9:30 p.m. Discussion of renewing insurance with Clements Insurance Agency. Clymer requested to abstain from the discussion and RCV. Motioned by Blunt, 2nd by Ronhovde to renew the Village insurance policy with Clements Insurance Agency. RCV: Aye: Ronhovde, Blunt, Ernst. Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer. Abstain: Clymer.
New Business: Deb and Coleman Lenz requested that the Board approve a change in address for their liquor license permit. The new location is 114 South 4th, and the new trade name is; "4th Street Market". Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Blunt to approve the request of the change of address for Lenz's liquor license. RCV: Aye: Clymer, Blunt, Ronhovde and Ernst. Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer.
Building Permits: Ben Kastens requested the board's approval of a permit to install a 4 foot wooden fence around his backyard and along his retaining wall. Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Blunt to approve the fence permit. Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer. Ryan Anderson requested the approval of a building permit to demo existing building and add an addition at 150 North 4th. Motioned by Blunt, 2nd by Ronhovde to approve the permit contingent with the survey results. Aye: All. Nay: None. Absent: Allgayer. Teresa Hawks requested a fence permit. Tabled until more information is available.
Personnel Issues:

Correspondence: No Action Taken.


There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned.
________________                 ___________________
Becky vonRentzell                  David Ernst



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