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Village of Elmwood
February 24, 2011

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in special session with Trustees Allgayer, Ronhovde, Clymer, Blunt and Chairman Ernst presiding. All signed the "Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting". Andrew Clements, Casey Clements, Keri Hogue, Bob West, Allison Hand, Melanie Meister, Don Cronk, Ben Kastens and Becky vonRentzell were also in attendance.
Chairman Ernst declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.
Streets: No Action Taken.
Park: No Action Taken.
Library: No Action Taken.
Water: Blunt gave a report of the water plant; everything is running on automatic. Well #6 is down. Well #3 needs a meter. Well #5 needs repairs. Ernst gave a recent sequence of events leading to the violation of the incorrect actions regarding the Water Plant. On Friday, 2/18/11 the State arrived at 11:00 a.m. to investigate and retrieve water plant records. At 1:00 p.m. they left and reported that all the records were not on file. Saturday, 2/19/11, Spaulding resigned. Sunday, 2/20/11 Chairman Ernst accepted Spaulding's letter of resignation, cell phone, keys and time card. On Monday, 2/21/11 Ernst collected 5 samples from 5 different locations in the Village to test for nitrates. Doug Woodbeck contacted Chairman Ernst to notify him a routine coliform and fluoride test was also due. Ernst contacted Spaulding to assist with the sampling scheduled for Tuesday, 2/22/11. Spaulding agreed. Blunt drove the water samples to the lab. At 2:45 p.m. Howard Isaacs contacted Ernst with verbal acceptable nitrate results. On Wednesday 2/22/11 Clerk vonRentzell was instructed to post the retraction letter in the same 3 places she posted the Warning notices and to remove the warning notices. Roger Rhylander also notified the Clerk that the Village was strongly encouraged to hire an operator by Thursday, 2/24/11 or the Village would be fined. Blunt contacted Bob West, a grade one operator. West agreed to assist the village under part-time and temporary conditions.
Sewer: Blunt reported he fixed the printer. No Further Action Taken.
Planning Committee: No Action Taken.
Community Development: No Action Taken.
Elmwood's 125th Birthday Celebration Committee: No Action Taken.
Presentation of the Claims: No Action Taken.
Unfinished Business: No Action Taken.
New Business: No Action Taken.
Building Permits: No Action Taken.
Personnel Issues: Motioned by Allgayer, 2nd by Ronhovde to accept Spaulding's resignation. Allgayer suggested not making a decision that evening on accepting Spaulding's resignation. Blunt voiced the resignation should be accepted. West reported there were many issues at the Water plant that haven't been corrected or repaired. He reported Well #5 needs a light bulb replaced, and a new meter. It is impossible to read a drawdown with a broken meter. Well #5 is also dirty. Well #3's meter isn't working. Well #6 is not accessible due to a locked cable blocking the well. West also stated the Wells should be checked daily. West reported the Water Plant had a major water leak, and is dirty. Ernst opened the meeting up to public comments. A. Clements thanked the board for the time they serve the Village, and thanked West for his expertise. A. Clements encouraged the board to write a letter to the State in defense of the Village and Spaulding, and asked the board to reconsider accepting Spaulding's resignation. Hogue requested to wait and see what the State recommends before accepting the resignation. Hogue also reported she took a sample personally at Sonshine Daycare to ensure the safety of the kids and her family, and never intended to file a complaint. Kastens voiced concern the board "let Dan dig his own grave" and the Board should be embarrassed to sit in their chairs and not know what was going on. K. Clements commented that Spaulding has taken steps to fix the problem and never tried to harm anyone. Motioned by Clymer, 2nd by Allgayer to reinstate Spaulding for 30 days temporarily or until the State makes a ruling. RCV: Blunt; Aye, Clymer: Aye, Allgayer: Aye, Ronhovde: Aye, Ernst: Aye. Absent: None.
Correspondence: No Action Taken.


There being no further business, Chairman Ernst declared the meeting adjourned.
________________                         ___________________
Becky vonRentzell                          David Ernst


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