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Village of Elmwood
September 2, 2010

The Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees met in regular session with Trustees Ernst, Ronhovde, Clymer, Fields and Chairman Blunt presiding. All signed the "Notice of Acknowledgement of Meeting". Lou Allgayer, Diann Stille, Lucas Billesbach, Dan Spaulding and Becky vonRentzell were also in attendance.
Chairman Blunt declared the Open Meeting Act Posted.
Minutes from the August 19, 2010 meeting were presented. Chairman Blunt declared the minutes approved as presented. July Financial report was approved as presented.
Streets: Trustees instructed the Clerk to contact the Elmwood-Murdock school requesting the Village of Elmwood Trustees to be placed on the agenda for the 9/8/10 school board meeting. The Trustees would like to discuss placing a crosswalk north of the new sidewalk on West street.
Park: No Action Taken.
Library: Presentation of the 2011 budget was approved as presented.
Water: Motioned by Fields, 2nd by Ronhovde to raise the bulk water rate to $3.00 per thousand gallons. RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: None.
Sewer: Motioned by Fields, 2nd by Ronhovde to approve Change Order #4 regarding revising the lower level grating to accommodate the lower level elevation. RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: None.
Community Development: No Action Taken.
Presentation of the Claims:
August 18, 2010 Payroll: $2,380.77
JEO $13,507.00
JEO $18,125.00
Elmwood Public Library $1,350.91
OPPD $3,081.36
Black Hills $112.45
Cass County Refuse $60.00
Windstream $141.95
U.S.A. BlueBook $508.75
Mike Boston $6.79
Total Bills to Pay $39,274.98
Motioned by Fields, 2nd by Clymer to approve the claims as presented, and instruct the Treasurer to pay the claims. RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: None.
Chairman Blunt excused himself from the meeting at 8:00 p.m. and Vice-Chair Fields led the remainder of the meeting.
Unfinished Business: No Action Taken.
New Business: Discussion on notifying property owner of 117 N. 6th Street to clean up. No Action Taken. Motioned by Ronhovde, 2nd by Clymer to renew and pay membership dues with SENND. RCV: Aye: All, Nay: None. Absent: Blunt. Lou Allgayer reported the Village will celebrate turning 125 next year. He would like to start a committee to help prepare for the celebration. He reported the event will take place on Memorial Day weekend in 2011. More will be discussed at the 11/4/10 meeting. No Action Taken.
Building Permits: None.
Personnel Issues: No Action Taken.
Correspondence: No Action Taken.

There being no further business, Chairman Blunt declared the meeting adjourned.
________________              ___________________
Becky vonRentzell               Edward Blunt

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