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    Stories in the Street

    Please join us on Sunday, April 30th from 12:00 – 4:00 for a wonderful
    time of Stories, Songs, Games and Lots of great people!

    Elmwood Public Library 124 West “D” Street



    Incase of rain "Storiesin the Street" will be held at the Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School gym. Enter through the south activity doors.

    12:00 - Welcome
    12:15 - “A Lantern in Her Hand”
    12:30 - Music by Tom Lucas
    1:00 - “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”
    1:15 - “Junie B. Jones”
    1:30 - “The Book with No Pictures” &
    “The Monster at the End of This Book”
    2:00 - Story Book Costume Parade
    2:15 - Address by Senator Rob Clements
    2:30 - “A Lantern in Her Hand”
    2:45 - Music by Tom Lucas
    3:15 - “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”
    3:30 - “Junie B. Jones”
    3:45 - “The Book with No Pictures” &
    “The Monster at the End of This Book”
    4:00 – Final announcements

    Make sure you come hungry so you can buy your lunch from 10-97 BBQ's food truck!

    Library StoriesThey always serve up a delicious and tempting meal.

    You can sharpen your coloring and crafting skills at our adult coloring table and the many kid's crafts that will be available.

    Bring your camera because you'll want to take some great pictures at our Castle Photo Booth!

    We have received some awesome donations that we will be passing on to you in the way of door prizes.

    You won't need to be present to win when your name is drawn but you will need to show up and sign up to win one of these spectacular gifts!

     Janet Sorensen, Director

    Elmwood Public Library

    For more information call: 402-994-4125.

    HarryPotter Owl ElmwoodLibrary

    Dog and Cat Licensing

    Time to license your dog and cat for 2017. 

    BrodyLeahDogsIf you own a dog or cat, even if your dogs or cats are kept indoors, you are required by law to license your pet for the 2017 year.

    Dogs  $10.00 per dog or $8.00 if spayed or neutered Cats $5.00 per cat or $2.50 if spayed or neutered.

    You will be required to show a current valid rabies vaccination certificate, and proof of spaying or neutering issued by your veterinarian. You may also provide a photo of your pet to attach to our records for help in identifying pets found running at large.

    The dog or cat owner is required to license their pet by May 1, 2017, or said owner will be in violation of the law and subject to a citation.

    If you have not secured a 2017 license for your pet by May 1, 2017, you will be responsible for the license fee per pet in addition to a late fee charge of $50.00 per animal; other charges may apply.

    Licenses will not be mailed out anymore due to the added costs for mailing.

    Red full Entire Pet Licensing letter HERE

    Print application and form HERE

    Elmwood Dog and Cat Vaccination Clinic

    Dog and Cat Event 3


    Cat dog event 1

     Spring Brunch tulip 2017 page0001

    Let’s Get Ready for Spring!


    It’s time for the
    Elmwood-Murdock Spirit Squad
    Plant Sale!!

    Friday, May 5th from 4pm-8pm
    Saturday, May 6th 9am-3pm

    Elmwood Fire Hall

    Thank you for supporting the
    Elmwood-Murdock Spirit Squad!
    3rdPlace Class C-2 Nebraska State Non-Tumbling
    1st Place Class C, Skutt Catholic High School Competition

    All proceeds benefit the Elmwood-Murdock Spirit Squad as they raise money to attend Cheer Camp this summer and purchase their new uniforms!

    Photography Exhibit at the Aldrich House.

    During April over 10 local photographers will be displaying their Nebraska-themed Photographs. Check out just a few of the photographs below. 

    The museum will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-4:00 pm. 



    Elmwood Rescue Squad

    ElmwoodRescueSquad 0417

    The Elmwood Medical technicians (EMTs) went through the training and are now able to insert an advanced airway call a King Airway! 

    These Airways provide us with the ability to secure a patient's airway better than what is taught in the EMT class.

    These Airways help us supply better oxygen to our patients resulting in better outcomes.

    Another way of providing the best care to our communities and our patients!

    Thank you to the Elmwood Volunteer Rescue Squad!!

    Elmwood Community Center

    coffee 156158sm(right next door to Elmwood Inspired)

    Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

    Coffee, Tea, Milk

    (Milk available, please ask the cook)
    Free will offering - suggested $1.00

    Noon Meals

    Eat in or Take out
    Daily Menu


    Please call by 9:30am to reserve

    Suggested price for noon meal is $5.00

    ElmwoodChristianChurch 2017Bits and Pieces 402-994-5755

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 – 4:00

    Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 Friday 9:00 – 5:00
    Closed on Monday

    Ellie BessStreeter 0417

    A German Girl’s World War II Story of Survival and a Quest for Peace

    The Novel Book Club had 29 people in attendance to listen to Ellie recount her experiences in World War II.

    Elfi Lee shared her life as presented in the book "Watching Over Me

    Elfie, who was born in Germany in 1940, told about her experiences during that time and her life after migrating to Nebraska and evidently to Lincoln with her parents and siblings.

    The event was held at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House on April 18th.

    If you would like to host an event at the Museum please feel free to talk to Kurk Schrader. 

    Patriotic Quilt Show

    BuelBard 3BFarms

    Garage Sale at the 3B Homestead
    Home of Mark and Sondra Buell
    7603 298th Street, Murdock, NE 68407

    We’re located on Hwy 1 by the big curve, north of Elmwood/south of Murdock.
    Saturday, April 29th, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
    Household stuff, farm stuff, all kinds of stuff old and new, plus some flowers.
    Come rain or shine – we’re hosting it in the loafing shed barn.

    Power of Pink Fundraiser Flyer final jpgSubmit Your Stories and NEWS

    I need your help. Please keep an eye out for photo opportunities. Send photos of past events. The dog wash, and pet vaccination clinic and the new banners going up in town. Yes, did you know there are new banners?

    See, the newsletter is for ANY important event of interest to anyone in Elmwood. Do you have a story about a former student doing something outstanding? Is a local Elmwoodian (is that a word??) an author? Maybe a resident got a new job worth bragging about? 

     Please send photos of your past events, prom, youth group events, pancake feeds, 4-H club meetings, scout meetings, garden club, church suppers, it's all news that shows the vibrancy and life of Elmwood Nebraska.

    This is a reminder to PLEASE email me upcoming news and events. Or, if you happen to see an event happening, or something fun going on in Elmwood, take a photo and email it to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

    Cass County News and Events

     2017 Quilt Block Contest Flyer

    Euclid97 Pancake Breatfast 5 14 17

    img010Greenwood FUN Days!!

    Vendors and Crafters


    Reserve a spot at Greenwood FUN days

    August 19, 2017     $10/Table

    Contact Kim Thomason 402-789-2188

    (Evenings and weekends are best)


    Lofte Community Theatre 

    Presents Steel Magnolias in April in ManleySteel Magnolias FB


    Christ Lutheran Church 

    Flea Market & Pop-Up Bakery coming soon! 

    Stay tuned for more information ahead. Email clcfleamarketfestival@gmail.com for more information on how to participate or become a vendor. Visit their Facebook Page  ChristChurchLousivilleFleaMarket


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