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DawnHello Everyone,

I am Dawn Romine and the Community Editor for the Elmwood Nebraska website. I have lived in the Elmwood-Murdock community for over 25 years and all three of my kids have attended and graduated from EM Schools. I love our community and wouldn't live anywhere else.

I do take a LOT of photographs, you may have passed me on the highway as I was taking pictures of the corn crib between Elmwood and Murdock. You probably have seen me at the County Fair. I'm a fixture there all week.

So what does my position as a Community Editor entail?  I do the weekly community news update which is published every Wednesday morning and contains our community news. But I don't write everything. I count on people, just like you to send me the news, information, and photos. 

Email me at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com